Which operating system is compatible with IDM?

Basically Internet Download Manager (IDM) is supportive for almost all Windows versions. It supports Windows NT, Vista, XP, 2000, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows 11. As well as, it works with 64 bit versions conveniently.


Further, the latest version is also compatible with Windows 98/ME. However, to getting better performance, speed and results, try to use the latest version. On the other hand, the recent version of IDM not offers support for MacOS, UNIX or Linux. Moreover, there are different types of mobile operating systems such as Windows mobile, Symbian or Android, Internet Download Manager is not supportive.

While enabling Advanced browser integration, why Internet Download Manager shows some error message?

The Advanced Browser Integration feature of IDM needs Base Filtering Engine Windows service. By using this service, it can run on Windows 7 or Vista basically. According to some people when they try to turn on Advanced browser integration, Internet Download Manager shows some error message. Here is a simple method to fix this problem.

  • First of all, press on the Start button and go to the menu items. There you will see Computer option. Simply press on it.
  • After that, click on Manage pop-up context menu item.
  • Then you have to go the Services and Applications→Services. Now, search for the Base Filtering Engine from the list.
  • Right click on the Base Filtering Engine and press on the Properties from context pop-up menu item.
  • There you have to change the type of Start-up to Automatic. Press on the Start button and click on Apply option. When you press on Apply button, changes will be confirmed.

Why IDM doesn’t show a video download panel for web players?

If your IDM doesn’t catch any download or don’t show you a video download panel for web players, there could be many reasons of it. Why you should avoid IDM crack?

  • To fix this problem, you have to repair the IDM Installation at first.
  • Basically many streaming sites use protocols so you cannot download videos from them. Due to protocols, Internet Download Manager is not capable to show video download panel. In such case, check if video download panel shows you YouTube. In future, Internet Download Manager wants to offer support for additional protocols such as RTSP.
  • Many large sized streaming sites and videos use protocols and privacy. Therefore, you cannot download those video due to strong protected protocols.

How can I use IDM with MacOS, Unix/Linux or Android operating systems?

It is possible that future versions of Internet Download Manager will offer support for other operation systems. However, now IDM is not supportive or compatible with MacOS, Linux, UNIX or Android operating systems.

How to temporary disable IDM to download some file with browser?

You can try Options→General IDM dialog for temporary disable IDM integration into a browser.

To temporary disable IDM for download a single file during clicking on the download link, hold ALT button to stop Internet Download Manager from taking the download. In case this method doesn’t work, try some other ways.

  • From the IDM extensions list in Options→File kind dialog, users can delete the file extension.
  • Further, in the same dialog, users are free to add this server to the immune list. Then press on the Edit List option.
  • Now you have to press on the Add to enter a site that you don’t want to download through IDM. When you press on OK, site will be add.
  • Additionally, it allows you to stop downloading from the entire site by using asterisk (““). You can use it after the name of site.
  • If you are using the latest version of this software and you cancel downloading two times, it will suggest you to add that downloading in the exceptions list automatically.

How can I download a torrent file with IDM?

Due to some legal reasons, Internet Download Manager is not supportive for torrent files. But its future versions could offer support torrents.

How to update Internet Download Manager to the latest version?

  • Go to the main menu of IDM to update for the latest version. For updates, you can use Help→Check.
  • After that, restart your computer or laptop. When you restart your computer, Internet Download Manager will replace all DLL files to change all effects successfully. Restarting is the basic step because without it, IDM will not update.

In case you are using latest version of Internet Download Manager, your screen will show you different message.

  • In a latest version, you will see a dialog where Internet Download Manager suggest you update. Click on the Update Now option. When you lick on it, the latest version of IDM will install.

How can I add a new download category in IDM?

  • Go to the main dialog of IDM to find category panel. There, right click and choose Add Category option from context pop-up menu.
  • After that, you have to choose category name and download the type of folder and file. The name which you will choose, will places in the category.
  • Now simply click on the OK button.
Updated: August 2, 2022 — 8:17 am

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